UCM students who were forced out of fraternity complex say new dorm has mold

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WARRENSBURG, Mo. — First students at the University of Central Missouri were forced to move after their dorm’s heat stopped working .

But after moving from UCM’s Fraternity Complex across campus to Ellis Complex, students say they’re now faced with another problem.

“When we got to our building, one of the guys had mold inside his room,” Tau Kappa Epsilon member Shannon Loerzel said. “It was on the ceiling. Then we found there was some in the bathroom. Then we found some along the outside of the actual floor.”

They said they filed a formal complaint with the university to have this fixed. But the school said it never received it.

“We don’t know anything about an issue with mold in Ellis,” said Susan Smedley with the university. “There has been no formal report made at this time.”

The university is giving residents at the Fraternity Complex until Sunday to relocate to North Ellis and Fitzgerald halls. This comes after the building’s heat stopped properly working a little over a week ago.

“They are definitely not prepared,” TKE member Colby Crowder said. “They had no back-up plan or anything for us really. This is all just them scrambling.”

Students said the Fraternity Complex has had its share of problems, including flooding.

“We’ve been kicked out of our current residence by the school, and we’ve been put into a place that’s possibility livable as well,” Loerzel said.

The university said they did have someone inspect the dorms before new residents started moving in.

UCM said that it’s financially stable, but there isn’t sufficient excess funding to commit to a new fraternity house. The school said it plans on renovating Fitzgerald Hall and making it the new fraternity living space in the future.

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