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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — After more than 10 and a half months in the states, one Ukrainian teen has no option of going home. 

What was supposed to be a short stint here in Kansas City has quickly changed with Russia’s attack of Olga’s home country, but she isn’t letting that war stop her from reaching her full potential.

“I am really excited to go to UMKC, I always dreamed of going to study abroad,” said Olga.

After accepting the fact she couldn’t go home, she and her parents had to make the tough decision of keeping her here in Kansas City. 

“It’s been already, about five months of war and it’s just not looking any better, and so me and my parents just decided, you know, that I will stay here and I’ll have to do something while here,” Olga said. 

Her host family has welcomed the teen with open arms and says she’s made an impact on their lives. 

“She’s smart, she’s energetic, she’s ambitious and it’s easy to want to help her,” said Jeph BurroughsScanlon her exchange parent. 

But now that she has to stay until at least the end of the year, she needs your help with school and more. 

“To support me with that and also to support me finding health insurance,” Olga said.

Her excitement continues to grow as she has the chance to go to college in Kansas City. 

“She’s excited to go to university and I think that’s a great opportunity,” said BurroughsScanlon. 

But she doesn’t want you to forget what’s happening in her home country of Ukraine. 

“It never ended and the war is still going on,” said Olga 

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