KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The chance to go back home isn’t an option for one foreign exchange student studying in Kansas City.

The Ukrainian teenager is stuck in the metro and her future is uncertain, as Russia’s invasion continues. After she moved in with her exchange family here things changed quickly.

“Well, five weeks later, Russia was going to invade Ukraine,” said her Exchange parent Jeph BurroughsScanlon.

A decision that had massive ramifications for millions, one of those, Olga. What she thought would be a short stint expanding her knowledge, will soon turn into a longer than expected stay.

“For me being like, weird and nervous be for me to be away from my family and this hard time, I just feel disconnected from them and my friends,” Said Olga

She first arrived in the states in September to finish her high school education. She had planned to leave by the end of May. But, now as her country fights for its existence her plans are on hold.

“I think the scariest part is not knowing about my future and what I will do at least with my newest future,” she said.

So far from the ones she loves the most, stuck dialing digits to communicate. When asked what the conversation are like with her mom so many miles away, she said “she’s been really worried… worried when it just started, but now it’s getting better” she said.

Despite all that she is going through, her impact and who she is still pierces the hearts of the ones that she now calls a second family.

“She brings a lot to our family, she teaches without even trying just by doing what she does,” said BurroughsScanlon

Months after this war began, Olga is ever so confident in her people, that they will prevail.

“People in Ukraine are really patriotic. So we all support our country and just try to make our future better,” she said.

Olga’s visa runs out at the end of June, the family has assisted her in applying for temporary protective status, which could give Olga as much as 18 more months in the US. But there’s no timetable on that decision so, for now, it’s a waiting game.