UMKC choir members sing alongside the Rolling Stones

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Members of a college choir are still awestruck over the once-in-a-lifetime performance they got to be a park of over the weekend.

On Saturday night when the Rolling Stones ended the show at Arrowhead Stadium, people in the stands demanded an encore and the Stones delivered.

The light came up and 24 voices from the UMKC Chamber Choir joined the band in singing “You can’t Always Get What You Want.”

“When I was singing, my mouth was shaking my eyes were probably bugging out of my skull,” said junior Bethany Unruh.

“There was one point he was walking and turned back and looked at us. It just felt like he was peering into your soul,” said another junior Matthew Marks.

Two directors anchored the choir. One of them was Jacob Funk. He said everyone felt the nerves that night.

“I was backstage saying, ‘are we going on?’” he said with a laugh. “I’ve got to get this choir to come in at the exact same time and make sure it happens.”

Funk got word of this opportunity in April. He sent out a brief email about a gig and reviews ranged from confusion to excitement. He didn’t explain what the gig was about until afterward.

The choir had two rehearsals before rocking out on stage with the legendary band.



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