UMKC expecting to return to in-person classes for fall 2020

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Officials at the University of Missouri – Kansas City are anticipating a return to in-person education on campus this fall, although they noted that it’s still possible classes could remain all virtual in 2020.

“We anticipate being back on campus for face-to-face courses and the full UMKC campus experience in the fall,” Jenny Lundgren, provost and executive vice chancellor, said in a statement on UMKC’s website.

The university first announced it was suspending in-person classes for the remainder of spring 2020 in mid-May, along with the other UM System schools. While Lundgren’s statements are optimistic, she also said that the school will determine the best plan with the help of health officials.

“Because the health and safety of our campus community is our top priority, these may range from a stay-at-home order requiring all-online instruction, to a return to a fully wide-open campus or something in-between,” she stated.

The pandemic has lead the university to increase its online offerings and move to more flexible scheduling, according to the statement. Classes are getting re-designed to work both face-to-face and over the internet.

UMKC will start its fall semester on schedule, regardless of the form learning takes.

Officials with the school announced in late April that all departments could face up to 17.5% in budget cuts after the pandemic caused uncertainty in funding. Diminished tax revenue and massive stimulus spending has left state and federal school funding up in the air, and officials also anticipate enrollment will take a hit come fall.



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