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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A University of Missouri-Kansas City student says he found some racist and disturbing remarks scrawled on two walls in a stairwell on campus.

UMKC police are now investigating the incident at Royall Hall near East 52nd and Charlotte.

A UMKC spokesman says they’re not sure how long the offensive remarks were scrawled on walls inside the study hall. A student contacted FOX 4 after he said he first spotted the remarks Tuesday morning on his way to class.

The man declined to go on camera, but he says after entering Royall Hall, he went up a first floor stairwell, and there on the wall scrawled apparently with a black marker, someone wrote: “Crackers equal cancer.”

The student said he then walked up a few stairs, and on a second floor wall, in the same stairwell he saw on another wall: “Kill Whitey.”

“Politically speaking, we live on a pretty liberal campus so I would say that I’m surprised to say the least. Some pretty vulgar comments,” said student Patrick Clasbey.

“I think it’s disturbing. I think the climate right now is very heated especially with the recent election,” said student Evy Rodriguez.

“This is a distressing and unfortunate incident. We don’t tolerate racism in any way, shape or form on this campus and we’re definitely going to respond to it. I appreciate you bringing it to our attention,” said spokesman John Martellaro.

More than 16,000 students attend UMKC, and Martellaro says right now they do not know if the culprit is a student or not. He also says campus police are now investigating the incident.