UMKC student catches warm moment on camera where KCPD officers provide for homeless man

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A metro woman captures Kansas City police officers on camera when they think no one is watching – and then shares the photo on Facebook to prove a point.

It happened at an I-70 overpass near Van Brunt, where some people often get overlooked. But this week, one homeless man standing beside the road caught the attention of patrol officers.

“The police officers turned on their lights,” said UMKC student Olivia Simpson, who was in the area running errands with her sister. “We`re like, ‘What`s going on?’ So we were kind of intrigued and we watched.”

Simpson said the officers pulled over under the bridge and got out of their car. They could never have expected what would happen next.

“We saw the police officer give the homeless man warm socks,” Simpson said.

Warm socks – that warmed Simpson’s heart.

“He was like, ‘Oh my gosh!’” Simpson said of the homeless man’s reaction. “Like, we see the gestures and he just kind… you could tell that he was really touched, so it touched us too.”

It prompted her to pull out her cell phone camera and snap a photo of the interaction.

“We thought that was really cool and it really made our day,” she said. “We had already had a long day, so it was nice to see police doing nice things for people.”

It was a private moment Simpson shared publicly on her Facebook page to give the East patrol officers a shout-out for their good deed.

“With all of the hatred that has been going on lately,” she said, “I just felt so warm inside. It just made me feel like I need to give back in a certain way, whether it`s paying for someone`s food in a drive-thru, or something along those lines. So it definitely made me feel good to see that.”

An act of kindness Simpson hopes inspires others.

“We need to spread the love, people,” Simpson said, “and we need work together as a community. Kansas City is a special place and we need to embrace it.”

Both officers seen in the photo were off work Friday and unavailable for comment. A KCPD spokeswoman told FOX 4 officers often work with community organizations to provide necessities like socks to people in need.

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