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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A group of University of Missouri Kansas City students have a plan to rebuild Joplin. It will be seven months Thursday that a tornado ripped through the city.

The city is at the beginning of the rebuilding process. The group of students and staff is with UMKC’s Urban Planning and Design Department. Their plan is one of the first presented to the Joplin Chamber of Commerce, which could give the city the focus to finish what mother nature took away.

“Really sort of a central organizing theme in terms of east-west transportation but also a place for reflection, recreation and a way to sort of bring development to a location,” says UMKC Instructor, Gunnar Hand.

The group listened to the community and came up with this design, UMKC Rebuild Joplin Studio that includes a Memorial Green Way and a downtown of the future.

“We are one of the first plans out there and that was pretty exciting to be really at the forefront kind of sitting that stage on how they’re going to view their city and maybe how they view the rebuilding of Joplin,” says UMKC Student Jared Daniel.

The Joplin Mayor told FOX 4 he has not seen the plan, but knows it will help the Chamber of Commerce lay a foundation for the future.

“Even if they were to take part of this design we’ve come up with it would feel incredible I know it’s student work but it’s it’s sort of real-world approach. It would feel good that they use our ideas and thought they were worth implementing,” says UMKC Student Sean Connolly.