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TOPEKA, Kan. — The state is adding a new requirement for unemployed Kansans.

Starting June 1, people that begin receiving unemployment benefits for three consecutive weeks will have to enter into what’s known as “My Reemployment Plan.” It requires people to create an account on the KansasWorks website.

People will need to post a resume, work history, list of skills and their job search plan for employers to look at. If someone doesn’t enter the program that’s required to, they can be denied unemployment money.

In the latest labor report from the state, 34,000 people received unemployment benefits. The new requirement comes as Gov. Laura Kelly has been meeting with business leaders who asked to end a federal bonus on payments to the state’s unemployed.

The businesses said they can’t find workers because of the extra money going into unemployment benefits. The governor said in her meeting with them that “low wages, socially-regressive policies, health care and childcare” are all factors to consider with the workforce shortage. She also said with 57,000 openings in the state, there would still be job vacancies even if all of the unemployment recipients immediately entered the workforce.

“Our hope is that we can make those connections, not only provide the services but also make those connections to the jobs,” said Mike Beene, director of workforce development for the Kansas Department of Commerce.

With many businesses desperate for workers, supporters of the effort said bringing it back will help companies find employees.

“Now have additional access to talent through referrals and applications,” Beene said. “The intent of relaunching it this month is to provide that same service and trying to fulfill the large talent needs that our employers in Kansas have right now.”