Unexpected ‘holiday miracle’ revives metro mom’s spirit

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A metro mom says she has a lot to be thankful for this thanksgiving, as an unexpected gift is allowing her to celebrate the holiday with her family.

Ashley Henslee works at a store at The Legends where people will spend their Thanksgiving evening waiting in line to spend, spend… and spend some more. Meanwhile, the mother of four has been scraping to get by. She brings her two-month-old with her to work, and because of car trouble, hadn`t had a chance to see her oldest son who lives elsewhere in Kansas for months.

“I was thinking nothing; no turkey, not going to get to see my son, absolutely weak Christmas and Thanksgiving was ahead,” she lamented.

All that changed with she calls an unexpected “holiday miracle.”

“Things like this don`t really happen to people like me that`s come from where they`ve come from, it`s like ‘bam’! Total game changer for the world, changed my perspective. I didn`t think there was kindness anymore to be quite honest,” Henslee said.

It was her boss` last day, and on his way out he left her a letter, in an envelope filled with cash.

“When I said, ‘thank you,’ he just said, ‘no biggie.’ Do you not see what you just did? I don`t think you understand,” she exclaimed.

Henslee got her car fixed and the first thing she did was drove to pick up her son, taking him to the Christmas tree lighting and dinner.

“He gets to go to school and tell all his friends, ‘Mommy got to take me to see Santa. Mommy got to take me to the Dinosaur restaurant.’ That`s what feels good as a mom and it touched me. I wouldn`t have had this opportunity,” she said.

The money in that envelope? $300, a drop in the bucket compared to what most Americans will spend on gifts this holiday season, but for Henslee it`s an act of kindness she says she can never repay, all she can give is thanks.

“This is where I can say thanks to Hunter for what he did, he made my holidays,” she said.



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