Union Station kicks off Gridiron Glory exhibit

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City’s pro football history roots run deep. Pigskin enthusiasts get a taste of NFL lore beginning this week. Union Station welcomes in the “Gridiron Glory” exhibit from the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

Part of the display deals with the NFL’s all-time greats, some of it also addresses Kansas City’s pro football pride. Opening night at the exhibit features a flare for modern layout, while showing an appreciation for pro football’s past. Hallways lined with projected antique football films lead the way to more football treasures borrowed from the Hall of Fame.

“It was a lot of digging through historical footage and things like that,” said Gridiron Glory Art Director Micah Barta.

Barta is an art director with metro ad firm Sullivan, Higdon and Sink. He helped design the Chiefs portion of this layout, which was a blast for a lifelong Kansas City fan.

“We wanted to give the fans a chance to experience the Chiefs on a level that they don’t typically get to; like on their couches, watching the game, or in the stadium,” he said.

Chiefs legend and hall of famer Bobby Bell’s endorsement might be the ultimate seal of approval. His career spanned 11 seasons as a Chief, and he’s fascinated by what he sees in gridiron glory.

“I see different people that I played against, and others that I didn’t play against. This is unbelievable. This is awesome here. The people in Kansas City should come down and enjoy and see this,” Bell said.

Gridiron Glory is on display at Union Station throughout the summer months, ending on September 6. Tickets start at $12.



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