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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Union Station in Kansas City is among the “most beautiful train stations” in the world, according to a list created by Architectural Digest.

The list of 37 train stations covers all corners of the world including New York City, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, Paris and more.

Along with the eye-catching appearance, Union Station’s history makes it a must-visit station on the list:

The station is famous for a few reasons other than its success, one of which is The Union Station Massacre of 1933, when convicted mobster Frank Nash was unexpectedly shot and killed outside the station during what turned out to be a shootout. Nash and four police officers were killed. Those who frequent the train station today claim they can see the scars on the station’s façade from the bullets. 

Architectural Digest

Created from the mind of architect Jarvis Hunt, Union Station opened in 1914 and now sits in the heart of Downtown Kansas City.

It cost $6 million to build the station, which was part of a $50 million investment that included track additions, towers and bridges.

Designed as a reactionary response to the second great Kansas City flood, which completely consumed the original Union Depot railroad station, rail executives quickly decided to build a new train station, but on higher ground this time.

Architectural Digest

Today, Union Station is home to several traveling and long-term interactive exhibits, restaurants and retail stores.

Inside, it has become a museum that tells the story of train travel in Kansas City and the development of the station.

According to VisitKC, about 2 million guests visit Union Station every year.