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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Union Station’s “Auschwitz” exhibit has broken another record.

Union Station officials announced Monday that the total number of guests (both those who have already attended and those who have reserved tickets) for “Auschwitz. Not long ago. Not far away” has surpassed 300,000.

That’s an all-time record for Union Station since it reopened over two decades ago.

But beyond record-setting ticket sales, Union Station said guest sentiment ranks the “Auschwitz” exhibit at the top, too. Over 97% of guests described their experience as excellent, according to surveys.

“This historic exhibition has forever changed us as an organization and as individuals,” said George Guastello, Union Station president and CEO.

“When we began working to bring the Auschwitz exhibition to Kansas City nearly 6 years ago, we knew it would make an important and necessary impact. None of us, however, could have foreseen the magnitude of that impact.

“From all 50 states and multiple countries, guests have experienced this essential and compelling content in ways that will shape and reshape attitudes and lives. For that, we are profoundly humbled and grateful to all those who made this experience possible.”

Auschwitz, Germany’s largest concentration camp, was built in 1940. It was a complex of more than 40 camps operated by Nazi Germany where more than 1 million people died.

The Union Station exhibit tells their stories through 21 thematic galleries with 700 original objects and 400 pictures, many of which have never been on display before.

The exhibit opened in June 2021 and has been overwhelmed with ticket demand. Hours were expanded in September, and in November, Union Station leaders announced the exhibit would extend its stay in Kansas City through March 20, 2022. 

The extension through March made another 55,000 tickets available, but nearly half of those have already sold, including all weekends.

Even though upcoming weekends are sold out, tickets for Monday through Friday are still available. Union Station leaders urge anyone interested to book in advance and purchase their tickets now.

You can buy tickets to “Auschwitz. Not long ago. Not far away” online. Tickets cost $23.50 for adults, $17.50 for students age 3-21, $19 for seniors age 55 and older, and $15 for Union Station members.

“Auschwitz. Not long ago. Not far away” won’t see another extension in Kansas City. After the exhibit wraps up at Union Station, it will head to Malmo, Sweden.

“With more than 1 million worldwide visitors to ‘Auschwitz. Not long ago. Not far away’, we are certain the telling of this most tragic chapter in human history is resonating and compelling people to prioritize diversity, tolerance and inclusion,” said Luis Ferreiro, exhibition director and Musealia CEO.

“Indeed, as many Holocaust survivors will tell you, a message about education and raising awareness is their priority. And it is the priority of our exhibition as well. We are each responsible to never allow the seeds of indifference and hatred to take hold again. In Kansas City, as evidence by the tremendous interest in the exhibition, that message of hate prevention is resonating on a grand scale.”