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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The University of Missouri — Kansas City added a little artwork to campus Monday.

UMKC students are known as Roos, so a sculpture of it’s mascot, a kangaroo, couldn’t be more fitting.

The kangaroo sculpture is the work of local artist Tom Corbin. It was placed along the university’s walkway near the southwest corner of the Miller Nichols Learning Center.

It was a gift to the chancellor from the Student Government Association. The university says the sculpture will serve as a rallying point for important events throughout the year.

“This is where a lot of events happen, especially at the beginning of the year” Daphne Posadas, a member of the Student Government Association, said. “Welcoming parties, different welcoming events, diversity programs, and people constantly walk through here all the time given that they have classes and down there is where the food is, this is the prime spot to put it where everyone is going to see it.”

The unveiling was the first on-campus event held in more than a year because of COVID-19 restrictions.