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ARIZONA — An Arizona University student’s mission to “proclaim God’s law” is causing controversy on campus.

Dean Saxton carries around a sign that reads “You Deserve Rape.” He says he does it to encourage women to dress modestly.

“I’m out here to proclaim God’s law,” Saxton said. “The Bible says that women should dress modestly and that there are punishments for the sexually immoral.”

But his message has not been well-received. Protesters had a few choice words of their own.

“Rape culture has got to go!” some shouted on the U of A campus.

“The reason that you’re doing this is for your own religious beliefs,” one person said to Saxton. “Do you think that people understand that with the signs that you have?”

Saxton argued that people do understand his motives because he’s “known as the Christian on campus.”

Some Christians cringe at Saxton’s portrayal of the faith.

While the Bible does instruct women to dress modestly (1 Timothy 2:8), no where does it say they should be raped if they don’t.

Catherine Leister, a junior at the University of Arizona, said as a rape victim she’s offended by Saxton’s message — not encouraged.

“I’m glad to see all these people protesting and holding up these signs because now people will know this isn’t an environment where that kind of thing can flourish,” she said.

Alex Karaman, another protester, said Saxton has abused his freedom of speech and has created conflict on school grounds.

“This is one instance where his freedom of speech and other people’s right to feel safe on their campus clearly come into conflict,” he said.

In a statement, the University of Arizona called Saxton’s message “vile and repugnant” but acknowledged Saxton’s right to free speech.

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