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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — While thousands of people visited the Plaza Art Fair this weekend, another event brought together similar crowds across town at the UNplaza Art Fair.

Haley Sellmeyer is the youngest artist at the fair. She started painting at 1-year-old. Nine years later, she uses her passion as a way to inspire others.

“Just the creativity, color and when it’s all done you have this really beautiful piece that makes you happy,” said Sellmeyer.

Jane Stoever, the organizer of the event said, “she has been a big seller because people are happy to see someone so young making something beautiful.”

Sellmeyer hopes to raise enough money to save up for college. She typically visits 10 to 15 exhibits every year.

You can see Haley and the other artists at the UNplaza Art Fair in Southmoreland Park.

You can find more of Haley’s art or even commission pieces at her website.