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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Things are heating up on metro playgrounds, but it’s not just monkey bars and merry-go-rounds. Some kids are getting in on a new adventure with a trip to the park.

“This one was pretty fun, they had a lot of fun on the zip line,” said one parent, Jennifer Boyer, about the Karnes Playground at Roanoke Park.

“There`s a lot more to do,” said 15-year-old, Isaiah Boyer.

Parents and kids alike are enjoying the new features and unique play elements at certain parks around the metro.

Take the Karnes Playground at Roanoke Park…

“One of the new trends with playgrounds is the rope play that`s gaining popularity,” said Devin Wetzel, the Superintendent of Parks and Natural Resources, for KCMO Parks and Rec. “It’s 27-feet tall in the air, and provides a lot of activity for kids of all ages and parents alike.”

Wetzel said each park is very unique.

“In the past, you would just have a playground you`d put in there, but here each one is kind of designed specifically for the location,” Wetzel added.

And many agree these playgrounds are definitely an upgrade from over playgrounds of the past.

“I don`t think that we got to where we could climb on everything, it was just going up the ladder and going down the slide or swinging on the swing set,” Boyer said.

“The best part was the merry-go-rounds, but this is a lot better,” added her son, Isaiah.

“Kids really like climbing, it`s great for them, good exercise, good for their development,” said Wetzel.

Wetzel said the planning department is always looking for new ideas, and tries to keep up with what kids enjoy.

“It challenges them, mentally as well, because my son is scared of heights, so he`s had to really challenge himself to really get up there and go down that slide,” Boyer said.

“I really liked getting to take my siblings up to the top and help them get to the slide, because ones 7 and ones 11, so it was fun to help them and let them do it,” added Isaiah.

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