KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A comment by Kansas City Police Chief Rick Smith at the shooting scene of Cameron Lamb has many upset, including Mayor Quinton Lucas.

The mayor said the chief’s words cause harm in the urban community.

A recording of Smith speaking to other officers at the scene, where Lamb was shot and killed by Kansas City Police Det. Eric DeValkenaere, was released to satisfy a Sunshine Law request.

“Everyone’s good, house is clear, bad guy is dead,” Smith can be heard saying on the police dashcam recording.

Lucas responded on Twitter Tuesday: “As a father of a black son and as a black man, it pains me to hear audio during an official police investigation that denigrates a fellow human being. I will ask Chief Smith about the veracity of the audio and will withhold further comment until after our discussion.”

A small group of urban core activists expressed their outrage over Smith’s comment Wednesday at the city council’s finance committee meeting.

“(Smith) should have no input with next year’s budget,” said Ronald Hunt, who has been outspoken in calling for Smith’s removal. 

“We need an interim person to take the chief’s place, and good people are standing in line to take the chief’s place. We should have no conversations because we can’t trust him. He lied to us. He betrayed the community’s trust. We can’t continue to let that man sit in the seat.”

Last month, a Jackson County judge convicted DeVaulkenaere of involuntary manslaughter in Lamb’s death.

The judge ruled on constitutional grounds, saying that police did not have sufficient cause to go on Lamb’s property and enter his garage without his permission or a warrant.

Both the police department and the Fraternal Order of Police declined to comment on Smith’s words.

A source close to the investigation confirmed to FOX4 the voice heard in the video is Smith.