‘Urban Sketchers’ drawing on Kansas City’s landscape for their studio

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A group of local artists are making Kansas City their studio, capturing experiences and views the old-fashioned way.

All it requires is a couple of pens, some paper, maybe a water brush, and you are ready to go.

“We sketch all across our city to share beautiful Kansas City with the World. We sketch what we see here in our city,” local sketch artist Peggy Wilson said.

Wilson is a part of the growing movement to capture cities around the world. The international art organization calling themselves ‘Urban Sketchers.’

Kansas City created its own chapter in 2017.

“We started out with just a couple people, got our Facebook page, started sketching, having events. Now we have close to 600 people that are members of our group,”  Wilson said.

Saturday, the group set up shop at the American Jazz Museum on 18th and Vine, spending the morning drawing on location, and drawing what they see.

“I did a lot of quick sketches, like six or seven sketches. Different musical instruments in here,” first-timer David Senter said. “It’s pretty great. I like it. It’s a good challenge. Changing up the environment and drawing different subject matters – it’s good for practice.”

The group says their goal is to mainly have fun. For others, it’s a therapeutic release.

Wilson says no matter your age or ability, it’s important to live in the moment, and that’s what she believes the group teaches.

“Sketch your surroundings instead of taking pictures because you really become one with what you are seeing instead of taking a snapshot and moving on.”

Urban Sketchers started in Seattle in 2007. Now, communities are taking part all across the world.

To lean more about the Kansas City chapter, click here.

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