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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Swastikas were written in four different places of the Kansas City Public Library, on W. 10th Street on Sunday afternoon, and since then, the library has worked to remove the swastikas and the n-word written inside.

Libraries are often associated with peace and quiet, but the calm inside this building was shattered when the racist messages were found.

“We had some defacement of the Kansas City Public Library by someone who is a little troubled and probably a little racist,” said Crosby Kemper, Director of the Kansas City Public Library. “We have a picture of the person from our cameras and we hope the police catch him and he should go to jail for the defacement of public property.”

It appears the messages were written with a marker. One swastika was written on a portrait located on the main level of the library.  The portrait was of a former executive of the First National Bank, who was not Jewish.

Swastikas were also scrawled inside a bathroom, a stairwell and on the glass of the main entrance. The library says the vandal also written the ‘n-word’ and ‘Hail President Trump’ on the walls of the central branch in downtown Kansas City.

“It’s pretty troubling to think that someone would think they they had a right to put a swastika in a public library,” Kemper said.

Kemper said the library is a safe place where everyone is welcome, and he can’t believe someone would spew hate here.

In addition to the portrait, swastikas were written inside a bathroom, on a stairwell, and on the glass of the main entrance.

Employees are looking at the video to see if the person is a familiar patron of the library. So far, the man has not been identified.