Vandalism Includes Political Message

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LENEXA, Kan. — A Lenexa pizza shop is just five weeks old and his been tagged with graffiti. Even though the message on the building seems politically motivated, the business owner says he isn’t sure if that’s what sparked it.

Someone made a statement to Reconstruct America on Kanz’s City Pizza and Burgerz. In spray painting their message, they damaged the owner’s property to do it. The pizzeria’s owner says it doesn’t make sense. The front of the building looks fine with its grand opening sign welcoming people to come in and eat. However, the side of building is an eyesore because of the graffiti.

“Not really sure what they are trying to say,” said owner Bill Degar. “It says think about it and I’ve been thinking about it and it doesn’t make any sense to me.”

Bill Degar and Kevin Travis say the graffiti is an oxymoron because whoever did this claims to want to reconstruct America but they damaged their building to get the message across.

“If they are trying to make a political statement that says they are trying to fix America then maybe they should do it in another manner that doesn’t destroy businesses that are trying to make it in this economy,” Degar said.

Degar and Travis say they don’t know why their business was targeted but they hope it doesn’t happen to other business owners. They have a message for those who spray painted their building.

“Stop doing the graffiti and come in and try to be apart of the solution instead of creating distractions for everyone in the neighborhood,” said owner Kevin Travis.

Travis and Degar say it will cost about $50 to paint over the graffiti. Dan Friesen with the Lenexa Police Department says who ever did this committed a crime and they’ll be charged with vandalism and damaging property if they’re caught.

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