Vandals tag KCK Chick-Fil-A billboard with graffiti, costing company thousands in damage

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A tag artist’s work has some drivers saying “Holy Cow!” Someone vandalized the Chick-Fil-A billboard over Interstate 35, in Kansas City, Kansas.

“I took a double-take and I was like, what the heck?" Ray Henson said.

It’s the jaw-dropping act that’s stunned customers at his business on Southwest Boulevard.

“A couple guys came in and I said lookie here, look what some nut did,” Henson said.

Thousands of people pass by the billboard each day, with its famous cows holding a paint brush. The billboard went up a couple weeks ago, but it turns out they weren’t the only ones atop the 60-foot-high sign with some paint.

Sometime over the weekend vandals sprayed the phrase, “Eat’N Hella Chicken” below the Chick Fil-A ad that says “All in Favor Say Moo.”

An employee at the neighboring sign business certainly isn’t in favor of the graffiti.

“It’s heartbreaking from a sign standpoint to see it defaced like that, because I see a lot of dollar signs to fix it,” Sanstra said.

The company who owns the billboard, Lamar, estimates replacing the vinyl billboard will cost about $3,000. It is the same company that had the Royals player stolen and later returned from an I-435 Billboard this year.

Still, the company says vandalism like this to signs is rare, they usually use bucket trucks or lifts to even get to the ladders.

Sanstra, whose company employs a graffiti artist for special order paintwork, says the person responsible needs to find a different canvas.

“This person obviously has talent and drive, it’s kind of sad to see them do it in a manner that defaces someone’s property, they could really put that into a much better use of their talent.”

A new vinyl print is being rushed to Kansas City with plans to have the sign replaced Friday.

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