‘Very unusual’: No tips yet regarding shooting of 1-year-old in Kansas City


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Nearly two days after a shooting killed a 1-year-old and injured his two parents, Crime Stoppers coordinator Kevin Boehm said police have not received a single tip.

“Unfortunately and very disappointingly we have received none,” Boehm said in an email.

22-month-old Tyron Payton was shot and killed in a barrage of bullets on Monday, Sept. 21. Police said someone was standing outside the vehicle, which held three adults including Tyron’s parents, and fired at least 17 rounds.

The parents drove the vehicle to Fire Station 18 at 32nd and Indiana Avenue, seeking help. Fire fighters there tried to help, but there was no way to save the child.

Multiple community organizations quickly sprang into action. Residents began going door to door, canvassing the area for more information.

However, police still have zero tips to use in their investigation.

“This is very unusual that we haven’t received any tips, especially when a child is involved,” detective Boehm said in an email.

There’s a $25,000 reward for information that leads KCPD to an arrest in this case. If you know something that will help investigators, call the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474- TIPS.



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