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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — What was supposed to be a typical Thursday for Kansas City Royals veteran groundskeeper Chris McKinzy quickly turned into one of his worst.

“I`m walking back and I`m coming up to my truck and I notice my trailer`s gone. Everything is gone. It`s normally right here, I park here every day,” McKinzy said.

A member of the crew for over 20 years, McKinzy said he routinely brings his personal equipment to work so he can work on the 20 to 25 yards a week he is responsible for after his shift.

“I was doing some work and then I came up around 4 p.m. just to check on everything and when I came up everything was gone. Someone came and stole my trailer, commercial mowers, weed eaters, blower, everything,” he said.

McKinzy said the stolen mowers were the key to his personal business.

“I`m always doing something every day with those mowers. I`m helping out, doing someone`s yard, and just not to have it, it`s really hurting me right now,” he said.

As a seasonal worker with the Royals, McKinzy said he relies on the mowers to fill the financial gaps that come up when the season is over.

“I have a big family, I love to provide for my family. If something breaks down, I can go get it but right now I have nothing to go back on,” McKinzy said.

The financial loss of the mowers and the business has put McKinzy in a tight spot that he hopes can be resolved with help from the community.

“I hope someone can come and look and see that someone in their neighborhood has come home with a different mower, with a trailer, and the neighbor can be like `hey, that`s someone`s mower,’” he said.

Toby Cook, of the Kansas City Royals, released the following statement:

“Chris reported the incident to us, and we encouraged him to file a report with police directly. We are awaiting results of any investigation that might be conducted.”

The Kansas City Police Department are investigating this situation.