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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s been a frustrating almost seven years for the veteran, who says he stepped up to do some of the repair work on his own, with no word back from the contractor since 2008.

Meanwhile another group says the story won’t end there if they can help it.

With an army of volunteers in blue shirts beside them, the Gilyeats stepped into their dream home with the eyes of the nation watching.

Seven years later, FOX 4 was watching as Dan Gilyeat showed us massive cracks in the ceiling of his home, which he says have been there from the beginning.

Gilyeat took another shot at reaching out to the contractor on Monday, with no response. FOX 4’s calls to the contractor weren’t returned either.

“I’m extremely grateful that they built the house. I’m extremely grateful that the community came together and built the house. I would just for them to fix what they said they were going to fix,” said Gilyeat.

Gilyeat say he has not sat idle waiting for repairs, but rather turned his attention to helping other veterans through the group “Helping Heroes”

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