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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Just over a week ago, four people were shot outside of Baccala adult night club on Independence Avenue.

One of those victims is speaking out exclusively to FOX4 about what happened that night and about the gun violence plaguing Kansas City.

Police said the shooter parked across the street from the club at closing time and opened fire on a large group leaving the club. At least one person was shot in front of the club, and bullets flew so wildly, others in the parking lot were also hit.

“You know bullets don’t come with names, they don’t come with addresses, they don’t come with special delivery signs to one person. It’s whoever gets in the way is getting hit by one,” Cedric Workcuff, who was in the way when the bullets started flying, said.

Some said as many as 60 shots were fired outside of Baccala. Two of the bullets hit Workcuff’s SUV as he and a friend were sitting in it.

“She just got out of the passenger side, and I think she ducked behind on the other side of the car, but I was still in my car,” Workcuff said. “When I saw the other side of the door open, I looked over and I was literally fittin’ to make a break for it, but as soon as I made a break for it, one of the bullets came through and hit my car … and hit me right in the left side.”

Workcuff jumped in his backseat for safety, thinking he was grazed, not knowing another bullet ripped through his back door too. The barrage of bullets stopped when police showed up.

“I just started feeling this burning sensation, like it started hurting,” Workcuff said. “I reached down on my side and I touched my side, and that is when I felt blood, and I was like, ‘Oh man, I think I’m hit.'”

A bullet still lodged inside his body is like the nightmares he faces while sleeping – a constant reminder of how close he came to death.

The physical and emotional scars created yet another innocent victim of gunfire ruling the streets of Kansas City.

“Ever since I got shot, I have just been in the house. I don’t really go nowhere,” Workcuff said. “Everybody hears gunshots, but nobody actually thinks they are going to get hit, so when it happened to me, it, like, altered my whole thinking.”

Police believe multiple people could have been involved in the shooting.  As of now, no one has been arrested or charged, so these dangerous people are still out on the streets.

Police ask anyone with information to call the tips hotline at 474-TIPS. All calls are anonymous.