Victims’ families speak up, supporting push for cold case unit in KCK Police Department


KANSAS CITY, Kan. – Families are joining the push for a cold case unit within the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department.

So far more than 100 people have signed a petition that calls for a cold case unit to be operational by January 2022.

“It’s like they put their cases in a file and just threw them in a firepit like those people don’t even exist and the family don’t matter. The family does matter. They need a piece of mind,” Linda Amaro said.

Amaro is a relative of Star Boomer. The 39-year-old was last seen in February 1999 at a bar near 49th Street and Metropolitan Avenue.

Star Boomer

After two decades, a tip led to a search and hopes of finding her body in 2019, but the search has since led to few answers.

“The only thing I want is them to find her body, to give the family peace. I want them to get peace for the family. That’s what I really want,” Amaro said.

Like dozens of others before and after it, Boomer’s homicide investigation quickly cooled. But the group Justice for Wyandotte said it won’t take much to heat them back up.

“Justice for Wyandotte believes within the police budget right now there are funds to go ahead and create a cold case unit,” said Nikki Richardson with the group.

A spokesperson for the KCK Police Department said a cold case unit is on newly sworn-in Chief Karl Oakman’s list, and he’s also targeting it for 2022.

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