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RAYTOWN, Mo. — A metro family was shocked after one of their teen’s accused killers was released on house arrest until trial.

This week, another suspect charged with the same crime has filed a request for release as well. Now, the family is scared for themselves and the community.

“I think initially we were shocked,” said a family spokesperson, asking for their name to be withheld due to safety concerns. “How could this even happen?”

Tynan Mullen was charged with first-degree murder in the death of 19-year-old Riley McCrackin. Prosecutors say Mullen and three others shot and killed the teen at a pool hall in Raytown.

“Life was just cut too short for him,” the family’s representative said.

Mullen was recently released from jail on house arrest.

“You worry, at what point does that individual make a decision to walk out the front door?”

Mullen’s bond was initially set at $250,000 cash. But citing COVID-19 concerns, a judge reduced it to $50,000 with only 5% in cash.

“We’re talking a dramatically reduced bond for someone that has been charged with killing another person,” the family’s spokesperson said.

The prosecutor’s office argued against Mullen’s release, noting his history of violent crimes and access to weapons.

Mullen was actually on probation when prosecutors say he killed McCrackin. He had already been charged with bringing loaded firearms to Lee’s Summit High School.

McCrackin’s family got the text about Mullen’s release last week. It said, “Mullen is home on detention and won’t be constantly supervised.”

“If that doesn’t put fear in you, then I don’t know what does,” the family spokesperson said. “It’s the fear of my family. It should be the fear of our community, the neighbors that individuals are being let out.”

Now Logan England, also charged with McCrackin’s murder, is asking for a reduced bond.

“Don’t you think this is setting a precedent for those that commit heinous, murderous crimes?” the spokesperson said.

This metro family wants justice for their loved one. But they said right now, their worry is the community with an alleged killer waiting for trial in a neighborhood, not behind bars.

Mullen’s trial is set for January 2021. England will head to trial in November. For now, he remains in jail on a $350,000 cash bond.