Victim’s family ready for closure

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Nearly two hears after a deadly accident, a Kansas City, Mo., family is one step closer to closure. Sixty-five-year-old Gertrude Price was killed when a drunk driver slammed into her car on June 2011.

On Wednesday, the suspect was in court to accept his plea deal.

Jonathon Ross faced second degree murder and eight other charges, but he pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter with guaranteed prison time.

"It's going to be pretty rough until we know that he's actually sentenced," Grace Price, daughter of Gertrude and passenger in the vehicle the night of the accident, said. "But our feelings of her being gone and of being sad will never go away."

Grace Price and her sisters didn't want to talk about the plea deal Ross accepted, but they didn't hesitate to talk about their mother, Gertrude Price, or as most knew her -- Mama Price.

"We never knew how many people really loved her," Price said. "It's a lot of classmates, it's a lot of people in Kansas City. There was over 2,000 people at the funeral. She was a kind, sweet person and did not hate anyone."

It's tough for Mama Price's girls to follow in her forgiving footsteps and not hate the man who took her from them, so they lean on each other when times get tough.

"I could be down today," Price said. "We stay in contact and we bring each other's spirits back up."

Despite their toughness, the entire family may need some extra help as the anniversary of their life changing day approaches.

"The 27th, that's gonna be hard for us," Price said. "Her birthday was April 22nd and it was hard. Mother's day was hard. So this is going to be hard, it really is."

Two tough years, but the family is ready to move forward and close the book on a very difficult chapter.

"Closure on him would be over this will be over and we will be done with him. But everything else it won't be over for us," Price said.

Ross will be back in court July 26 and so will the Price family.

Ross faces a minimum of nine years and a maximum of 25.



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