Victims lose hundreds after credit card breaches reported in Excelsior Springs

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EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, Mo. — Police are warning you to watch your bank statements after a large breach of stolen credit card information, with dozens of victims in Clay and Ray counties.

Excelsior Springs police are still seeing reports roll in as people see their accounts have been drained.

They’re now they’re trying to pinpoint where it happened and how the thieves got their hands on loads of credit cards.

“You work so hard for your money and then somebody just comes along and takes it,” Kimberly Tapia said.

Tapia is angry after someone tapped her bank account. She checked her balance Tuesday and noticed it was almost empty. There was a huge purchase of almost $400 at a Jefferson City grocery store called Gerbes.

“Then I started to see the stuff on Facebook, so I called the Excelsior Police Department, told them where I thought it happened at,” Tapia said.

Jared Dagley’s wife got wind of the Facebook post, shared on a community Facebook page. Others have reported fraudulent charges across the state.

Sure enough, the Dagleys account had been hit, too.

“It was over $400. Then before she could even call the bank, there were two more charges. They caught the third one. But they did get us for over $800,” Dagley said.

Excelsior Springs police are also warning residents online.

Several residents say their card info was stolen after using the local WalMart gas station.  But others said they hadn’t been there.

Police are still trying to pinpoint what locations may have been targeted and if skimmers, hackers or some other device are to blame.

“We’re just lucky we have that community page and everyone was really alerted pretty quick about it,” Dagley said.

Now those hit by the breach are hoping police catch who is responsible, while they still pay the price for what happened.

“It’s the entire community. It hit a lot of us. It’s going to affect everybody for a while because it takes time to get your money back,” Tapia said.

Excelsior Springs police encourage anyone who’s had suspicious charges on their accounts to call them and report it to the police department in the city where your card was fraudulently used.

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