Video, pictures of packed house party near KU campus spark concern as virus cases rise

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LAWRENCE, Kan. — A University of Kansas professor tweeted a video Saturday night that showed a house party on located across the street from David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium.

The party appeared to be packed with students, many of whom, were not wearing a mask.

Many residents have posted pictures of the same party, asking why this is happening.

A new update has revealed that KU now has 799 positive COVID-19 cases. Students and residents are outraged by the lack of caution that some students are practicing.

Last Monday hundreds of students went on strike refusing to attend classes due to the lack of protection from COVID-19 that they feel on campus.

“it’s just like scary and makes me feel a little bit ashamed to say that I go to KU, just having seen the response,” said KU senior Seven Rockhold.

The house is located on Mississippi street, just off the campus. However, according to Nicole Asbury the chief editor of KU’s UDK newspaper, the University may have the ability to step in based on the student code of conduct.

Last month KU ordered nine fraternities and sororities to quarantine because of multiple COVID-19 clusters.

That quarantine expired last week.

So far KU hasn’t taken action in regard to Saturday night’s party.

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