Video camera captures hypnotic 10,000 foot spinning free-fall



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KRISTIANSTAD, Sweden — A small and remarkably durable video camera recently captured some incredible, if somewhat stomach-churning, footage after surviving a free-fall to Earth from nearly 10,000 feet.

According to Gizmodo, the Go-Pro camera was found in a field outside of Kristianstad, Sweden, after its owner apparently lost it during a skydive. The camera captured the entirety of the jump, including it’s incredible motion-sickness inducing spin back to earth.

WARNING: Viewers prone to motion-sickness or vertigo may just want to go ahead and take our word for it and skip the video! 

The man who found the camera, Kristoffer Örstadius, posted the video to YouTube on Friday. He says that he’s still looking for the camera’s owner.



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