Video: cows have close encounter with Oklahoma tornado

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ELMER, Okla. – On Saturday, several tornadoes tore through western and central Oklahoma.

The storms damaged several barns, trees and buildings in western Oklahoma.

Fortunately, emergency crews say there were no serious injuries reported in relation to the storms.

In fact, EMSA officials say they did not respond to a single injury related to the tornadoes or storms as they were moving through the state.

One of the most memorable sights from Saturday was captured by a storm chaser in Elmer.

Dick McGowan and Shay Philips captured a tornado as it crossed Hwy 283.

However, they weren’t the only ones in close range to the twister.

Several cows had a close encounter with Mother Nature, but seemed pretty oblivious to their surroundings.

In case you were wondering, we’re told the cows were not injured during the storm.



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