VIDEO: Fireworks launch into crowd and injure at least 3 dozen

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SIMI VALLEY, Calif. — At least 36 people were injured after a major malfunction at a fireworks display sent pyrotechnics shooting into a crowd of spectators during a Simi Valley July Fourth celebration.

Officials believe at least one pyrotechnic prematurely exploded and caused a chain reaction that tipped over other fireworks, launching them into the crowd of 8,000 to 10,000.

Simi Valley police initially said 28 people were injured, including 20 who were taken by ambulance to area hospitals. Additional victims sought treatment on their own.

PHOTOS: Simi Valley fireworks explosion

A Simi Valley Hospital spokeswoman said the patients there ranged in age from 17 months to 71 years, and 12 were children.

Two other hospitals also treated patients.

One victim was transported to an area burn center.

The injuries included burns, shrapnel, trampling wounds and chest pains,lacerations and ringing in the ears.



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