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JACKSON COUNTY, Mo. — Deputies are looking for two men with guns who can be seen on video pulling guns on a man in Jackson County.

Deputies say it happened Tuesday in Salem East, which is a neighborhood outside Independence city limits in unincorporated Jackson County. The video is from the Ring security cameras installed at the house where the assault happened.

Video showed the victim sitting in a camp chair in a driveway. He was talking to a woman and a small child on a bicycle.

A silver truck drove up and two black men wearing white t-shirts and black shorts jumped out of the truck. They pulled guns and one of the men knocked the victim to the ground. The victim ran into the garage and the two gunman ran after him. The gunmen then turned around and jumped back into the truck and then drove away.

The woman grabbed the child and ran to safety across the street.

Deputies ask if you to call Detective Cox at 816-541-8017 ext. 72231 if you can provide any information about what happened, or can help identify the gunmen or the getaway driver.