Video of Overland Park shooting shows what officers ‘deal with every day,’ chief says


OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe announced Thursday that a deadly police shooting May 3 was justified.

Overland Park Officer Mike Mosher has often been described as a cop’s cop. He protected the community whether on or off duty, and many say that was evident May 3.

On his way to work, Mosher came upon the remains of a hit-and-run crash and pulled over the suspect’s car. Phillip Carney got out of his car and approached Mosher, who started recording on his cellphone.

That video documented the death of a hero.

Officer Mike Mosher

One minute and 34 seconds into the video, Carney pulled out a gun and shot Mosher as he grabbed Carney’s arm and returned fire. Both men died in the barrage of bullets.

It’s a transcript of the moment that brought a police department and community to its knees.

Carney’s defiance escalated from the beginning when he refused to follow Mosher’s directions.

“Can you both go back up to your car for just a minute, OK?” Mosher asked Carney, who replied, “No.” Mosher asked Carney why, and he responded, “Because I don’t want to.”

Carney also told Mosher, “I know how you guys operate, I don’t trust you.”

Never losing his composure, Mosher replied, “OK, well like I said, I don’t know why you stopped and got out of your car and came back to me. You know what I mean?”

Then Carney uttered chilling words: “You’ll figure it out.”

About 30 seconds later, Carney pulled a gun from his waistband and started shooting, the video shows.

“One of the reasons I was glad that we were going to show this, as hard as it is, is to let the public know this is what we deal with every day and things can go bad so quickly,” Overland Park Police Chief Frank Donchez Jr. said. “He was a father, a husband, a son and one damn good officer, right? And it still wasn’t good enough.”

Donchez called Mosher a hero for protecting the community that day and throughout his career.

“So if I sound like I’m frustrated and I’m angry, I am angry that this profession I love and the uniform that I wear and that the men and women wear and put their lives on the line every day, it gets besmirched every day by people that don’t understand what we do and how difficult it is,” the chief said.

Mosher’s father told FOX4 that his family supports the release father video because it shows how important and necessary police officers are.



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