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COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) — Two police officers in Missouri are under investigation after someone posted video online showing one of the officers repeatedly punching a man as police had him pinned to the ground.

Columbia police Chief Geoff Jones said in a statement Monday that he asked the Boone County Sheriff’s Department to conduct a criminal investigation into his officers’ actions early Sunday morning while they were responding to a disturbance outside a bar. The Columbia Police Department will also conduct an internal investigation.

The video last about 9 seconds and shows one officer pinning a man to the ground while a second officer punches the man in the face five times, causing the man to bleed.

In the background, someone can be heard saying, “He’s punching him in the face. Oh my God.”

Jones said he is thankful that someone brought the officers’ conduct to his attention.

“Police use of force must be reasonable,” Jones said. ”We have a high expectation that officers act appropriately when using force, and they are expected to intervene when they observe force that is not to these standards. I will enforce that expectation.”

A police spokesman did not immediately respond to a call Monday from The Associated Press.