Video: Woman makes connection to late stage Alzheimer’s patient using music

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The holidays are a time which put a lot of people in the spirit of giving and helping others, and one YouTube video, which is currently trending on social media, encompasses just that.

In the video, uploaded by an organization called Memory Bridge, the selfless and caring spirit of one woman is displayed as she forms a very personal interaction using gospel music with someone who has longed for that connection while in the late and deteriorating stages of Alzheimer’s Disease.

According to her biography, Naomi Feil, the founder of Validation Therapy and someone who has worked with the elderly for over 40 years, has long believed traditional methods of working with severely disoriented elderly people needed to change. That belief led her to write several books on the subject, and develop alternative therapies.

“This is a special video for so many reasons. What I especially am moved by is watching Naomi Feil, a Jewish woman, sing Christian hymns for Gladys, who has Alzheimer’s. Mrs. Feil is simply opening her heart and giving what the other person needs so deeply. I guess what I take away from this is, as a Montrealer of Palestinian heritage, I find myself caring so deeply about the Hassidim in my neighborhood and how they are treated. What I see in this is how important it is that we reach out and touch each other’s hearts, no matter the details of our differences and heritage. There is a world of beauty and life in the way Mrs. Feil is able to connect with Gladys Wilson. I just wanted to share,” read a Facebook post from a woman named Leila Marshy.




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