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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — People gathered last night in the Westside South neighborhood to remember a young woman killed on Southwest Boulevard late Wednesday night.

Family and friends showed up with pictures of shooting victim 19-year-old Daisy Martinez. Those at the vigil lit candles and placed religious symbols to remember the young woman who had just bought her first car.

Family members said Martinez was shot and killed during a Mexican Independence Day celebration in the area of 26th and Southwest Boulevard. Another woman was shot and has minor injuries.

Kansas City police are looking for suspects.

Police believe the celebration turned into an event called a sideshow — with car spinouts as part of the celebration.

Pavement at the crime scene shows burned rubber marks. Last Saturday, hundreds showed up at that same intersection and blocked both sides of the street for more than an hour before police showed up.

Sideshows are illegal. Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas said police are cracking down on those types of events.