Vintage car parade in Independence supports beloved auto enthusiast battling cancer


INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — The roar of antique car engines filled the streets in support of Leroy Grubb as he continues his battle against colon cancer. 

The line of vintage automobiles was loud. However, the parade planning was completely kept from the ears of the beloved car enthusiast.

“I didn’t know until my car was in front and he hollered at me, and then I looked up the street and thought, ‘Oh no.” Grubb said.

Leroy joined a local antique car group after he retired from his job at Ford Motor Company. What started as a hobby quickly became a passion.

“When he was going to go retire, I think everyone in the family wondered what’s dad going to do now, and he joined the car group, and he started to rehab his 1929 Model A.” Brian Grubb, Leroy’s son, said.

Due to cancer, Leroy is no longer able to get behind the wheel of an old antique. Yet Brian said even cancer can’t dull his father’s spirit.

“If I was in his shoes, I think I would be complaining for the last couple of years, but he’s a strong man,” Grubb said of his dad.

Leroy said this weekend’s parade reminded him of the great cars he’s worked on and the great life that he’s lived.

“Great, great. That’s the life of a life, let me tell you,” Grubb said.

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