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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A group of 100 volunteers are trying to pinpoint how many people are homeless in Kansas City, Mo.  The biannual survey is required by HUD.  The goal is to find out just how many people need shelter and then implement some strategic planning to get those folks help and reduce the homeless population.

According to a 2012 point in time count survey by the homeless coalition services, 2,434 unduplicated individuals were homeless in Kansas City in 2012. Of those 2434, the survey shows nearly 70 percent were sheltered, meaning 30 percent were out on the streets.

Coalition Executive Director Vicky Riddle said the numbers are down from 2011, but getting an accurate count is tough because the survey is a single day event, and as you can imagine counting people who don’t have a place to live isn’t an exact science. But that’s the task before the group at restart at 8th and The Paseo.