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More than a dozen volunteers spent Saturday morning providing a nice place for four individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

“What an affirmation, what an absolute affirmation in that we are here for each other, we are here to support each other,” said Patti Combs with Johnson County Developmental Supports. “Disabilities are no barriers for people lending a hand.”

This Tuesday, their address will change as volunteers wrap up work on the Olathe home. The house includes a ramp to the front door, wider than normal hallways and a wheelchair accessible bathroom.

Adam Fichman and his wife helped buy the house when they heard about the need.

“They want to work, they want to do the right things, want to be responsible for a place to live and for their lease. Getting to do that, that’s really what makes it worth it for us, being able to give them a real life,” said Fichman.

Volunteers plan to have the home ready by Tuesday. There will be staff to help out around the house 24 hours a day.

Johnson County Developmental Supports currently owns 12 other homes around the metro.