KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Friday is National “Make a Dog’s Day” and on emetro canine is being honored in an elite group.

It’s hard work but for Zoom, training with his handler Mike Searcy seems like play.

The 5-year-old yellow lab is a wonderful family pet for Searcy’s family but his most important role is a “live find” search canine. He is used to find missing people and those lost during disasters.

His biggest tool…his nose.

Searcy is the driver/canine handler for the Kansas City, Kansas Fire Department.

Searcy and Zoom were paired together through a partnership between Ground Zero and the Kansas State Fire Marshal’s Office.

He was selected out of 99 statewide applicants for one of the first two Ground Zero dogs in Kansas.

Zoom is one of an elite group of search dogs across seven states nominated for the 2021 Aftermath Grant.

Searcy said the $5,000 award pays for the dog’s care and feeding.

But it’s really recognition for a hard working hero, like Zoom.

Search dogs like Zoom work until they’re about 10, then they enjoy a well-deserved retirement.

But for Zoom right now, he isn’t ready to slow down.

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