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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — They remember him when he was merely a high school kid.

Democratic Vice Presidential hopeful Tim Kaine came home to Kansas City on Friday, attending his 40th class reunion at Rockhurst High School. Kaine graduated from the private Jesuit school in 1976.

While visiting his old hometown, Kaine has a busy weekend lined up. On Friday he made a quick appearance at homecoming ceremonies, including the school’s football game. Kaine also attended an evening birthday dinner for his father, Albert Kaine, at a restaurant in nearby Prairie Village, Kan. The Kaines arrived at Rockhurst High School around 6:30 p.m.

People in attendance at Friday’s football game voiced their opinions about their famous schoolmate, who is now the junior senator from Virginia. Some Rockhurst graduates say they have their reservations about Kaine’s running mate, Hillary Clinton, who is currently leading in many online voter polls. However, the support for Kaine, their fellow Hawklet, remains high.

“I couldn’t be prouder of Rockhurst and of Tim Kaine and everything he stands for, but, like I said, you vote with your pocketbook a little bit, and that’s where I’m torn,” D.J. Nolen, a Rockhurst grad from Leawood, said.

“It’s something they should celebrate. It does a lot for a school, whether you are a Republican or a Democrat. I think that you graduated from a school and rose to these heights is really great,” Judith McCann, a family member of a graduate from the boys-only school, said.

An increased security presence was on hand at the high school, as secret service officers joined uniformed police in patrolling the area near the school’s football stadium.

The class reunion continues into Saturday and Senator Kaine could have company. A group of pro-file protesters calling themselves “Kaine: Rockhurst’ Shame” plans to be on hand, protesting the Senator’s pro-choice stance on abortion issues.