KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The news of a Kansas City teen who was shot when he accidentally went to the wrong address has made headlines across the nation.

Paul Yarl confirmed to FOX4 that his son Ralph Yarl is out of the hospital Monday, four days after he was shot by a homeowner in Kansas City’s Northland.

Kansas City police said just before 10 p.m. April 13, Ralph was picking up his younger siblings at a home on N.E. 115th Terrace when he mistakenly went to a house on N.E. 115th Street. 

When Ralph arrived at the home, the homeowner shot him.

According to his family, Ralph was shot twice, including once in the head. Police would not confirm how many times or where he was shot.

That night, the homeowner was taken into police custody for questioning. He was then released pending further investigation.

“In this case, the prosecutor requires more information from investigators that would take more than 24 hours to compile,” KCPD Chief Stacey Graves said Sunday.

Clay County Prosecutor Zachary Thompson said his office has not yet received a criminal referral from the Kansas City Police Department to present charges for this case, as of Monday.

Meanwhile, more than $1.6 million had been raised through a GoFundMe campaign to support the 16-year-old.

Politicians and celebrities have also spoken out about the news, some calling for charges and others urging for prayers for the teen.

Vice President Kamala Harris tweeted her support for Ralph.

“Doug and I are praying for Ralph Yarl and his family as he fights for his life. Let’s be clear: No child should ever live in fear of being shot for ringing the wrong doorbell. Every child deserves to be safe. That’s the America we are fighting for.”

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes also put his support behind the Kansas City teen.

“My prayers and support are for Ralph and his recovery. You never want these situations to happen,” Mahomes said Monday.

“It seemed like it should have never even happened. This should have been an easy conversation and both people go on their ways, this kid being able to pick up his family members and being with his family right now and not in a hospital.”

Actress Halle Berry reacted to the news of the 16-year-old being shot.

“His name is #RalphYarl and I’m sick and tired of this feeling…my heart completely broke when I learned this precious 16-year-old, who accidentally rang the door of the wrong address in an attempt to pick up his siblings, was shot in the head by a man who didn’t want him on his property,” the star tweeted.

“This innocent child is now fighting for his life. This could be your child. This should NOT happen. Please do something today! Join me and please contact Prosecutor Zachary Thompson and demand an immediate arrest and bring the appropriate charges.”

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver said he can’t think of any justification for shooting a child multiple times, adding “we as a society ought to think very carefully about whether or not that is the world we want to live in.”

“In this moment, it is imperative that we allow local law enforcement to investigate all the facts of the shooting. We must ensure that justice is served and the law is upheld. Mr. Yarl and our communities in Kansas City deserve nothing less,” Cleaver said in a statement.

Singer Justin Timberlake called attention to the shooting Monday as well.

“#RalphYarl accidentally rang the door of the wrong house while trying to pick up his siblings. For this, a man shot him in the head. Then shot him a 2nd time as he was on the ground. The man is free and the 16-year-old is fighting for his life in the hospital. This can’t be it,” Timberlake tweeted.

Bernice King, daughter of Martin Luther King Jr., called for charges on Twitter.

#RalphYarl. My goodness…let’s be for justice, which is a continuum. That means the man who did this should be charged AND we need to work for the legislative and heart change to prevent these tragedies,” she said.

Singer Jennifer Hudson and actress Kerry Washington also shared their thoughts on the shooting:

“My God !!! Heartbroken for this young man and his family. Praying for his complete recovery ! #RalphYarl,” Hudson tweeted.

“Instead of waiting around for #LoveIsBlind…make a phone call. For #RalphYarl. Demand that Prosecutor Zachary Thompson make an arrest and bring the appropriate charges,” Washington said.