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MANHATTAN, Kan. — Kansas State Wildcat fans have a new way to celebrate their alma mater and Wildcat spirit.

Starting Sept. 1, Wabash Reserve Bourbon Whiskey can be found on shelves in liquor stores in Kansas.

The spirit is distilled in collaboration with Boot Hill Distillery in Dodge City, Kansas.

“Whiskey brings people together and K-State to me has always brought people together,” Hayes Kelman, CEO and Distiller of Boot Hill Distillery, said. “If we can combine K-state and we combine this Wabash Reserve and Boot Hill Distillery, we can bring people together to enjoy a good high quality glass of whiskey and talk about K-State.”

Boot Hill is owned by KSU alumni and the grain used is grown on their own farm.

According to Boot Hill’s website, Wabash Reserve has flavors of roasted sweet corn, orange peel,
caramel, wheat toast and rock candy.