Waldo family braces for another potentially nasty ice storm

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — When it’s all over, another nasty, ice-packing storm is expected to blanket the Metro area come Thursday morning.

Vickie Houston and her family in Waldo are just dreading it.

“I just don’t want us to lose power again. The last time was long and cold,” said Houston.

Nearly three weeks ago the Houstons wrapped in blankets and put on lots of layers to try to stay warm in their cold house. The family’s home lost power for four days and it was all due to a relentless ice storm a KCP&L spokesman says left 200,000 of their customers in the dark. That was the second worst power outage in the utility company’s 140-year history.

The Houston’s are preparing for another round of unwanted deja vu.

“We have seven kerosene lamps, flashlights and our battery-operated candles all ready just in case our power goes out again. I’m hoping we’ll be okay. I’m hoping the forecast is wrong,” said Vickie Houston.

Meantime, Kansas City Deputy Fire Chief Jimmy Walker wants to remind people if your power goes out during the impending ice storm, please, be extra careful.

“I just want them to be safe. Remember some obvious safety tips, including: never leave candles unattended, shut your circuit breakers off in case there’s any kind of surge when the power comes back on. We saw a number of fires during this last storm, so we tell people to just shut their breakers completely off. Now, if you’re gonna be home you could leave at least one on so you know when the power’s back on. Finally, as for gas stoves, please don’t use them for heating your home. They’re just not made for that,” said Deputy Walker.

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