Walmart ending car seat recycling program 8 days early

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Walmart is ending its seat recycling program after only 6 days, according to a report from USA TODAY.

The program, a team effort between Walmart and waste management company TerraCylce, began on Sept. 16. Walmart offered a $30 gift card for anyone who wanted to turn in their used car seat. It was scheduled to run for two weeks, ending on Sept. 30.

After only five days, Walmart received nearly 1 million car seats, according to the report.

“Due to the overwhelming response from our customers, we are quickly reaching capacity for this program,” Walmart said in a statement to USA TODAY.

TerraCycle founder and CEO Tom Skazy expected to “divert the plastic equivalent of approximately 35 million water bottles from landfills.”

The total plastic recycled ended up equivalent to 200 million water bottles, according to the report.

“Through the Walmart Car Seat Recycling Program, traditionally non-recyclable car seats are now nationally recyclable,” said Szaky.

All of the work will be done in the US, and none of the car seat materials will make it into a landfill or be incinerated, said Brett Stevens, TerraCycle’s global vice president of material sales and procurement.

While this is not the first time that TerraCycle has worked with Walmart, this is the first time that the two companies have teamed up to offer Walmart’s first national take-back program for car seats.



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