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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Many in the Kansas City area are familiar with Walt Disney’s early ties to the metro.

His original animation studio Laugh-O-Gram near East 31st Street and Troost Avenue, which was sadly damaged on July 31 by the driver of a vehicle early in the morning, is said to be where Disney conceived of the idea for Mickey Mouse.

Disney left Kansas City for Hollywood in 1923, but years later he did something special for one former metro high school.

In 1932, Disney exclusively drew a picture of Mickey Mouse, who had just been created in 1928, for Argentine High School, now Argentine Middle School.

The drawing has Mickey Mouse with a speech bubble saying “Greetings Argentine High School” followed by “Sincerely yours – Mickey Mouse” along with Disney’s famous signature.

The former high school, which was opened in 1884 before becoming a middle school in the 1970s, said it was one of the lighter moments during those years.

According to the Foreword in Argentine High School’s 1932 yearbook, the theme was “Living Kansas Authors,” and was chosen with “the thought that what they have accomplished may serve as an incentive to the student body in the promotion of student creative work.”