Want to know if someone died in your house? Check out this website

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Ever wondered if someone died in your home? A new website will tell you.

The site, DiedInHouse.com, was launched after the founder, Roy Condrey, learned someone had died in one of his South Carolina properties, but it wasn’t disclosed to him when he bought it.

Not wanting that to happen to anyone else, Condrey launched his website. For $11.99 the website details a death — if any — in a home, including when and how the person died.

The site uses an algorithm to search and may take up to 30 days to compile an in-depth report.

“It’s like a home genealogy search,” Condrey said. “Take it for what it is, and if you’re interested, take a look at it. It may have some information. Generally, I think you’re realtor will have the information you need, so I would rely more on them.”

But Condrey added response to his site has been positive, especially from the paranormal industry.



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